First Episerver Ascend in the APAC area was very exciting. First I realized how many friends I found through Episerver and it is not just the platform I loved it helped me to find heaps of good friends.

Starting the day Episerver Regional Director APAC Natalia Gamarra kicked off the event with the agenda:

Next Episerver CEO Alex Atzberger spoke about Personalization and Privacy and how it can change the user acquisition:

And focus of Episerver to “empowering growing companies to compete digitally”

Jacob Khan VP, Solution Architecture spoke about the road map and Episerver focus on the personalization:

Next presenter was Niteco spoke about best practices when dealing with digital transformation. Nicola Ayan started with best technical best practices for digital transformation:

And then Michelle Tran follows the conversation on best practice for design and strategy:

Next Empired spoke about a digital project for Laser Clinics. Kevin Miller presented on behalf of Empired and Louise Chamberlain on behalf of Laster Clinics.

Deane Barker had a really good presentation about the content. He thinks “Content ha a soul” which is I agree with him, we need to think about the content as part of our solution:

And this is my favorite:

And finally Adi Wickramaratne on behalf of St John New Zealand. LEVO Digital did the digital transformation.

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IT was really nice day, learned heaps and see many old friends. Thanks so much, Episerver, especially

Alexander Atzberger

Joey Moore

Natalia Gamarra

Jacob Khan

Malin Dahlin

Frankie Lui

4 thoughts on “Episerver Ascend Sydney 2020

  1. Matthew Boniface

    March 12, 2020 — 11:01 pm

    Great write up, was great to finally meet you and many others in the community!

    1. Thanks so much. It was really great to see you mate.

    1. Tnx Nicola

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