Recently Episerver announced for Episerver ASP.Net Core program. This is really exciting news, as .Net Community (aka Microsoft!) announced focus more on .Net Core (means no more new version of .Net Framework!). Details of how Episerver is going to do it will be available here. So what is good about it:

  • The presentation layer can be written on lovely ASP.Net Core platform
  • .Net Core is lightweight compare to .Net framework. The presentation conceptually would be lean and faster! (I not sure if it would be a case anyway!)
  • Developers would be happy that they are working on edge technology!

Now what I think would be interim challenges until upgrading the whole platform:

  • Running two applications (for CMS) and three applications (for Commerce).
  • For page rendering, another HTTP call required that to be a potential failure point – means when something goes wrong developer needs more time to find the issue and that means more APPLICATION LOGGING!
  • Page Templates (aka Razor Templates) should be running on both PRESENTATION and EDITOR view. This perhaps makes it quite complicated as now we need ANOTHER project to share MODELS! And the concept of ‘Feature Group‘ we are using for a while needs to be reconsidered – Having said that there could be some ways to avoid duplicated views!

I have a very positive feeling about this Episerver move and I know it would be complicated both for Episerver Devs and external Devs and we all love challenges!

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