Do we really need accessible webiste

I’m currently working on website which should be accessible! What that means? I thought it could be waste of time to spend huge amount of time to make a website accessible because no one will use it. BUT just did some research and saw this video . I’m really surprised because in North America about %64 of blind people are advanced user of internet (link) so I think it is very important and I think most of websites need to be compatible with WCAG and first step to make this happen is to make famous web related frameworks (e.g. Angular) to be compatible with this. I really like to have comprehensive post about how to make this happen and a checklist for webmaster and developers to keep in mind. Unfortunately there is a good tool that help you to achieve. There are some and we used them but when we ask real user to use website they can’t because of dynamic structure and thing people designed these tools are not blind! So I really look to a post (perhaps series) about this.