Studio 60 is going to host next Episerver meetup in Sydney and heaps of good things are going to happen.

Damien Dias from Episerver would present about his awesome experience with Upgrading OLD Episerver website to a new one. It is awesome that we hear someone is with Episerver for a long time and now want to invest for the future and upgrade the existing site and as a technical guru you need to know best practices to make sure customer will get best out of the upgrade!


Second Nicola our EMVP will present how we can take Episerver Form to next level and make it as a wizard which each step is conditional and based on the previous user answer we give more relative steps!


And myself (if there is enough time) love to speak about how we can easily connect an existing Episerver eCommerce website (read it Quicksilver) to Azure Web Bot! Cool ha!! I love bots as they are the more human type of thing instead of a web page! To me, the future of the internet is a bot!


Please RSVP HERE as we have limited sit 🙂 and it is FREE plus we have pizza and beer!

4 thoughts on “LATE Spring Sydney Episerver Meetup!

  1. I was going to write dafuq? what spring – it’s autumn and winter is coming.. and then realized which part of the globe you are sitting at 😉

    1. hahaha .. this is a very common question to me 🙂

  2. I’ll definitely be there! Looking forward to it!

    1. Hope soon 🙂

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