Next, DDD Sydney would be on 18th of August and my proposed session about Headless CMS is not on the vote! I need you Episerver gurus help to help me get my session approved. DDD has cool concept off democratically selected agenda. So all submitted agendas would be on the vote and YOU!!! can help me my session be presented by voting. Obviously, if you like it!

To vote you please:

  • click on THIS LINK
  • Wait until the page fully loaded (the list of sessions is quite big and use AJAX to load).
  • When the page loaded (you can see the list of sessions), search for term ‘future’


  • This is my session and if you like to vote, please click on ‘Vote’. You can select more than one item, so clicking on ‘Vote’ doesn’t mean you are done (SORRY I KNOW IT IS HASSLE!)
  • When your vote is selected you need to click on ‘Submit Votes’

  • And if you get a success message, you are DONE!



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