In these series we are going to speak about content of CaaS:


The first item we cover is headless CMS:


Headless CMS

Headless sounds like the crazy concept! NO HEAD like above picture! But when you dig into it you will see this is a quite new concept and maybe a start of Content As A Service (CaaS)! Content marketing is fast growing business and for some online business is crucial to provide relative content for their customers in the proper view based on their channel (website, mobile app, …) in right shape! Seems crazy!!! Let’s look into some examples.

As a user, I surf a website using my mobile. The website provides me huge images which takes time to load a page and images with many details which I can’t see on my mobile:


Another good example, I have a brand new eCommerce website and my products do not have a proper rating and related content. I would love to purchase product reviews, user’s images, and rating.

You can see the importance of the content and content marketing. Site owners now need to pick a CMS/eCommerce platform which provides facility to use other’s content and expose my content. As part of the series, I want to speak about the CaaS concept and it’s important and how Episerver provides facility to leverage CaaS. In next post, I want to dig into the concept of CaaS and some statistics about this concept. Next to speak about how each aspect of CaaS fit into Episerver services.

2 thoughts on “Content as a Service and Episerver – Part 1 – Introduction

  1. Marcus Babajews

    April 24, 2018 — 1:19 pm

    Don’t forget, the Episerver Social API can be leveraged in a very loosely coupled way to Episerver resources as well as any other online/offline resources for providing ratings too.

    Its Social as a Service… or SaaS…. wait a minute. that could be confusing

    1. Hahaha .. that was good one 🙂 Yeah .. I’m preparing one blog post about Social and how it fits into the CaaS strategy!

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