Recently Forrester announced Adobe, Acquia, Episerver are new leaders in WCM (Web Content Management). So what that mean and how Episerver made this?

  1. Support cloud
  2. Modularized components
  3. API Support
  4. Micro-service based
  5. All-in-one platform for CMS and eCommerce

Episerver does not have strong API and not built based on Micro-service architecture. Episerver but is working heavily on support cloud. I think Episerver  is doing well but need to consider to work more on below to be able to maintain the current position:

  1. Try to make application more modularize
  2. Go to support Micro-service architecture
  3. Accelerate work on Analytics and Personalization
  4. Introduce Episerver platform more to the public (e.g. Graduate developers, the key person in enterprises, …)
  5. Keep pushing on cloud concept

I really happy which I’m part of Episerver and hope to help the community to improve this awesome product.

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