I recently doing some small work with MongoDB and just realize Document Based NoSQL DB is really fitted for CMS! So let’s speak about it.


  1. Entity stored as BSON (brother of JSON!). That means your content properties will be persisted as the current structure in MongoDB.
  2. MongoDB can Scale Out that means if your site has heaps of content and heaps of traffic, instead of complexity around scaling of SQL Server you can use easily horizontally scale application.
  3. It is FREE!
  4. CMS now days is very tight to Web Analytics and MongoDB is designed to store and process this kind of data! Having said that it doesn’t mean because of just analytics we have to move all of our DB to MongoDB, but if we use SQL Server and we need MongoDB for analytics, it added complexity to project and speed up new developer with the project will become really hard!


  1. Currently, Episerver is built on top of SQL Server and I think changing that may need some work!
  2. Many vendors built plugins and they all need to learn and change their packages!
  3. All developers need to learn MongoDB! (To me it is Prons but for business not!)
  4. Technically on my experience “SQL Server” is not a bottleneck for Episerver (thanks for awesome cache)! But in my opinion, next generation of CMS is more dynamic and based on user taste it needs to transform content presentation based on what user is looking for! So very soon it becomes a problem!


I really like the idea of you guys! Let me know what you think!

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