I recently started to think about what is really OOP. I thought it is a tool to model real word stuff! But this is what all programming is about! So rephrase it: OOP help you to model real word EASIER! But it is that correct? I don’t think that is comprehensive what that mean EASIER! I struggled for a while and end up with what is the meaning of EASIER! It solve the DEPENDENCY PROBLEM!!!!
Yay that is it!! Dependency of class and properties, class and other classes, class and interface! This seems silly but this is very important. The reason is now we think about dependency as a core or our design not the properties of each object. Now we think top to bottom! If you think about properties and method of classes FIRST you are thinking about details which is changing alot in our design and do not think enough about TOP LEVEL RELATIONSHIP. So how should I do more attention to TOP LEVEL design? Easy with TDD! So you start with top level which is class and you think about dependencies! And this good design will lead you for good design. I will start write about what is whole thing about with example! Keep in touch!

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