One of the good tools to use for performance monitoring is “Performance Counter”. This works well out of the box with Episerver CMS. Setting it up is quite simple, you need to change web.config and add “enablePerformanceCounters” to “episerver->applicationSettings” :

<applicationSettings enablePerformanceCounters=”True”  />

Remember to remove this on production. In the Episerver.dll which I’m using there is a bug which does not create proper category so if you want you can manually create the category:

I put this in “StartPageController” and this is one-off and you need to remove it. After the code is being run you need to run “Performance Monitor”:



And then select “Performance Monitor” from the left-hand nav, then click on “Green Plus”:


And select “EPiServer CMS 7” from the top list and select “_total” from the bottom list and click on “Add” and press “Ok” button. And now you can see performance counter: